In-person Church Service

Sunday at 11:00 AM

Also live-streaming on the Church's Facebook Page

Previous Sermons are available on YouTube

Bulletins for Sunday Service

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Baker county has now been given permission to move to Phase 2 of the Oregon Reopening Plan. This move allows for groups of up to 50 people to meet. 

While we are gathering again, we still are going to keep safety measures in place.

1) Participants will be asked to sit in family groups only.  

2) Alternating pews are blocked off to keep social distancing guidelines. Also please give space to fellow parishioners and maintain distance as best as possible as you walk around the church.  

3) First Lutheran is complying with the current mandate in Oregon to wear masks at public indoor events.  

4) The South side doors are closed. Please enter one of the three open entrances and use the hand sanitizer provided.  

5) Sign-in with name and telephone number so we have an adequate list of people who attended should there be a break out in our community or parish.  

6) Service will still be a “Low Mass” spoken service. There will be no Congregational singing.  

7) Holy Communion will be celebrated and distributed by family units. We will not kneel at the altar rail at this time.  

8) Offering plates will not be passed. Please place your offering in one of the plates in the narthex.  

9) There will also be no fellowship time for right now.  

Thank you for all your patience in walking through this time with us. God’s blessings and peace!

Mission and Vision

Motto: Give glory to God, share the good news of Christ, grow in faith and discipleship.

Who we are: We are children of the Father, saved by his Son, and empowered by the Spirit. We are the Body of Christ, abiding in Him, called to a joyous hope, worshipping the Lord in Word and Sacrament.

What we are called to do: We are called to exalt the Lord our God, administer the Sacraments, remain faithful to the Word, pray, and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community and the world until Christ’s return.


First Lutheran is a community of Christians who are focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed to the historic tradition and worship of the Church. As Lutheran Christians, we believe that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ through the grace of God. 

That saving grace comes to us in varied means, through the Word and the Holy Sacraments. Though God's Word, Scripture, God tells us of his great love for us shown in the death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord. In Holy Baptism, the salvific work of Jesus is poured over us and given to us as our sins our washed away. There we are made children of God and given the promised Holy Spirit. In the Holy Communion we are given the very body and blood of Jesus for the continued forgiveness of our manifold sins, for the strengthening of our faith, and for life and salvation. In Confession and Absolution, God's forgiveness comes again to us through the power of the Word of Absolution spoken through His servant, the pastor. 

All of these means of Grace are God's gifts to His Bride, the Church. We'd like to invite you all to experience God's love through these tangible ways and join us here at First Lutheran Church.