First Lutheran is a community of Christians who are focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed to the historic tradition and worship of the Church. As Lutheran Christians, we believe that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ through the grace of God. 

That saving grace comes to us in varied means, through the Word and the Holy Sacraments. Though God's Word, Scripture, God tells us of his great love for us shown in the death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord. In Holy Baptism, the salvific work of Jesus is poured over us and given to us as our sins our washed away. There we are made children of God and given the promised Holy Spirit. In the Holy Communion we are given the very body and blood of Jesus for the continued forgiveness of our manifold sins, for the strengthening of our faith, and for life and salvation. In Confession and Absolution, God's forgiveness comes again to us through the power of the Word of Absolution spoken through His servant, the pastor. 

All of these means of Grace are God's gifts to His Bride, the Church. We'd like to invite you all to experience God's love through these tangible ways and join us here at First Lutheran Church.