Divine Worship and Holy Communion

All are welcome!  Join us at 11:00AM September through May and 10:00 AM June through August.

Fellowship Coffee Hour

Every Sunday after our regular worship service we gather for coffee, snacks and fellowship in the fellowship hall.  Groups from with in the church body sign up to host each week.

Matins Prayer Service

Matins, a derivative of the old Latin words matuta which means "early morning", is one of the seven ancient prayer offices of the Christian Church. At 8:30am, Monday through Thursday, we gather for a service of morning prayer, filled with Scripture, hymnody, and prayer. During this morning time we glorify God through our praise, we hear His Word following the daily lectionary, and we offer to Him the burdens and joys we face so that we might be strengthened and fortified by His grace. 

This brief service lasts thirty minutes and meets in our side chapel beside the main sanctuary. If you can't find us at first, just listen and follow the singing. 

St. Martin

Care Group

If you're feeling alone or isolated, maybe grieving the loss of a loved one, or just in need of a listening ear, some fellowship, and someone to pray for you, please consider attending our St. Martin Care Group which meets the Third Sunday of the Month at 5 pm.